Pre-release Software Terms of Use

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What is it?

Pre-release Software Terms of Use are the terms and conditions for the use of your software by customers prior to an official release.


Why do you need it?

If you design or develop software, you may want to provide the pre-release or beta version(s) to a customer or prospective customer prior to the official release of your new product. This can allow you to test your software and continue to modify it prior to release.

Customers are often happy to obtain access to a new product, but if your product is still in the testing phase then you need to warn them about the risks associated with pre-release software and protect yourself from the consequences of problems with your product. You can do this with a Pre-release Software Terms of Use document.

Key clauses to watch for:

When drafting a Pre-release Software Terms of Use, it is important to focus on a number of key clauses, in particular:

  • Details of the software provider;
  • Details of the software;
  • How you handle the personal data of users; and
  • Provision of a discussion forum.

Pre-release Software Terms of Use Document