First Bridge

“It just doesn’t make sense for us to pay the same hourly rates for an NDA to be drafted as we pay for our fund structuring advice.”

Yong Hak Huh

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HK Visa

“We wanted to do the legal work ourselves, we just didn’t have the time or resources to do it.”

Stephen Barnes

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Sam the Local

“Dragon Law’s technology allows us to self-service legal document creation, in a manner that is easy yet reassuring.”

Anita Chan

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“With Dragon Law I’ve been able to create documents like employee contracts at a low cost, in just a few minutes, and when it’s convenient for me…”

Joshua Steimle

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Venue Hub

“As a startup, we did not want to rack up huge legal fees with our legal and contractual needs.”

Adam Whiting

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“78% cost savings as we raised our first million with Dragon Law”

Gregory Marchand

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“It’s like having a legal FAQ at my fingertips!”

Jacqueline Ye

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“All the legal documents your business needs, for just one fixed price.”

Brian Trappe

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“What really attracted me to Dragon Law was the fact that they were a team of entrepreneurs themselves.”

Marc Dass

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