Director's Letter of Resignation

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What is it?

A resigning director can use this Director's Letter of Resignation to notify the company and other directors of the decision to resign. It is commonly used with the Directors' Resolution to Appoint Directors and/or Acknowledge Resignation of Directors.

Why do you need it?

If you are a director who is about to resign, you can do it professionally with a Director's Letter of Resignation. This document helps ease the transition between appointments. You might want to move on from your company or retire. A Director's Letter of Resignation will give your company a formal notification of your resignation.

By drafting a Director's Letter of Resignation, you can notify your company and other directors of your decision. It can also give your company time to look for your replacement.

Key clauses to watch for:

When drafting a Director's Letter of Resignation, it is important to focus on a number of key clauses, in particular:

  • Effective date of resignation;
  • The resigning director's confirmation that he has no claim against the company for compensation or otherwise; and
  • Date of this Director's Letter of Resignation.

Director's Letter of Resignation Document

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