[NEW] Introducing the HR Solution from Dragon Law

November 9, 2015

Read this post if you have been through the process of:

• hiring a new employee,

• dealing with employee benefits, or

• letting go of an employee.

The Dragon Law HR Bundle consists of 30 essential HR documents covering all legal aspects of workforce management. For only HKD 500 a month (billed annually), gain access to these documents to better protect your business from employment-related liabilities, speed up your HR processes and stay up-to-date with the latest labour legislations in Hong Kong.

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[Video] An Interview With Co-Founder Ryanne Lai And A Look At The Dragon Law Office

November 5, 2015

[Video] Scenes of the ‪‎Dragon Law‬ office + an interview with co-founder Ryanne Lai 80後律師收年費 專幫start up老闆拆難題|壹週Plus


[Event recap] All About Shareholders’ Agreements

November 4, 2015

Overview of Shareholder Agreements

  • Like a contract, a Shareholder Agreement can enclose any clause you want as long as it is legal and agreed by the counterparts
  • At some point, a dilution of your shares is unavoidable… but is is a good sign: someone is investing in your company.
  • A dilution is impacting the % of the company you own but not the number of shares

Attendee question:

“I am doing business with mainland Chinese, and business relationship with them are mostly based on trust. If I ask them to sign a Shareholder Agreement, they will think I don’t trust them and that making them sign will then require a lot of ‘technique.’”

Dragon Law Answer:

“A Shareholders’ Agreement is exactly what you need and a good way to protect your common business in case someone has an accident or else.

A Look at Independent Contractors

November 2, 2015

Why hire an independent contractor?

  • Less long-term commitment
  • Quick access to expertise
  • Convenience
  • Allows your business carry on and keep its focus
  • Legal liability is lowered
  • Simpler to terminate than an employee
  • Use a Consultancy Agreement
  • Also consider a Confidentiality Agreement (try for free)

Key parts to a Consultancy Agreement

  • Obligations
  • Used for a non-employee
  • Pay
  • Working arrangements
  • Details on intellectual property

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[Free eBook] The New Hire

October 30, 2015

[Free eBook] The New Hire: part two of the eBook series Does the Law Matter http://snip.ly/7vnE