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December 8, 2015

We’ve created DragonHatch to help businesses grow. Read more!

Sign Documents in Minutes, Not Days

December 7, 2015

Sign in minutes not days with electronic signatures. It’s legal!

Learn how the electronic counterpart of signatures saves time and money. Learn what it is, the benefits, the legal implications, and how it makes your business work smarter and faster.

Download here.

Want to try e-signing for yourself?

Create a FREE Confidentiality Agreement and Website Privacy Policy. Learn how to create, customise,  share, e-sign, and store documents. Just sign up for a FREE Account and select “New Document”. You will find your Free Documents in the “My Documents” folder.

Create a free account and e-sign here.

E-sign with Dragon Law in 3 easy steps

Add signatories when creating your document.

Complete your document and click “Sign Document Online”.

Your signatories receive an email inviting them to e-sign on the Dragon Law app.



Can You Spot The Dragon?

December 4, 2015

What’s New in Version 1.10?

December 2, 2015

See what improvements are in the latest version of the Dragon Law web app.


Brand your business

Add company logos to your documents*

Go to Settings and upload a logo to your profile and it will be added to all your current drafts and to all new documents created.

*available to Professional users only

Improved “Invite to Sign” experience

“Actually, send it to my personal email address”

Easily update the email addresses of document signatories in the app.

Go to the document and adjust the email addresses of signatories under Invite people to sign.

 Collaborate with document sharing

Control who can view or edit documents or folders you create.

The new Share feature allows a document creator to invite other users in the same organisation to view or edit the document.

If you are an admin of the organisation (you can check this by going to Settings), you can still view and edit all documents in your organisation but cannot change the Share settings of documents you did not create.

How to access the Share settings of a document.

With this update, all documents you’ve previously created will no longer be viewable to other users who are not admins of the organisation. If you wish to share these documents with these users, you can do so by using the Share settings as shown in the screenshot above.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

View the latest Dragon Law User Guide here.

At Dragon Law, we’re committed to making it easy, fast, and affordable for businesses of all sizes to access law in Asia. Thank you for your feedback and support!

[Recognition] Top Female Entrepreneur

Congratulations to our very own Karen Ng for being selected as one of the top female entrepreneurs in Singapore!

We’re delighted to see one of our dragons featured and recognised here.

Ng was recognised by Female Founders, a non-profit organisation dedicated to supporting gender equality in entrepreneurship and leadership through research, policy and advocacy action.

According to the organisation, via Tech in Asia, women in Singapore still represent only:

  • 5 percent of technology startups, and;
  • 8 percent of boards

You can read more about women in technology and startups here.