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There is a wide range of contracts that need to be used in the course of doing business. Make sure everyone is aware of their rights and obligations from the outset to help to protect your business and avoid disputes later on.

Before you enter into a commercial relationship, you can use a Letter of Intent (Memorandum of Understanding) to set out the key terms of the future agreement. Contracts setting out the basis on which goods or services are sold are a vital part of every business. Specify terms and conditions of a sale in a Sale of Goods Agreement. If a service between two businesses is being provided, use a Supply of Services Agreement instead.

Good cash flow is essential for a healthy business so use a Purchase Order to confirm an order and issue Invoices on time. When it comes to business expansion, a Distribution Agreement allows you to keep control of your business while expanding your geographical coverage. If you need to terminate a contract early, make sure you follow the right procedure by using a Letter Ending a Contract.

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