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When starting a business, one of the first decisions to make is the type of business structure that will be used to operate your business.

  • If you're setting up alone, you can choose to start as a sole trader.
  • If you're going into business with a few colleagues, a business partnership may be the best option.
  • A limited company is, however, the most common business type, as it is a separate legal entity from its owners and therefore protects personal assets from business risks and liabilities. This is not the case for a sole trader or business partnership, where the owners are personally liable. Setting up a limited company is highly recommended.

As a founder of the company, make sure you have a Founders' Agreement or Shareholders' Agreement in place. These agreements formalise the rights and obligations of the shareholders and also cover important issues such as company administration and day-to-day management.

Carefully consider what type of business entity is right for you and where you would like to incorporate your business. Different countries offer different tax schemes, and it's easier to do business in some countries than in others.

Dragon Law can help register your company. We also offer offshore incorporation (e.g. BVI, Cayman Islands).

Incorporate your business now! Just contact us.

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