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Employment law is a broad area of law. It encompasses all areas of the employer/employee relationship, touching on issues that employers and human resource practitioners face on a day to day basis. Make sure you use the correct documents and follow the right procedures when dealing with these employment issues.

When hiring employees, you will need a written Employment Contract. This document reminds both employers and employees of their obligations and helps avoid possible disputes by setting out clearly the rights and benefits of both parties. Employment contracts are something every employer needs to have in place. An Employment Contract should cover key areas such as probation period, pay, benefits, hours, annual leave, and termination.

Hiring an independent contractor, consultant, or freelancer can help you get specific expertise on board for a short period of time without the responsibilities associated with employees. A consultant can be either an individual or a company and, in either case, you should enter into a Consultancy Agreement. Obligations towards contractors differ significantly from those for employees, who are generally protected by employment laws. Make sure you know the difference in your jurisdiction.

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