“As a startup, we did not want to rack up huge legal fees with our legal and contractual needs.”

“Great client service, cost effective, access to lawyers.”

VenueHub was created to make it much easier to find and book an event space in Hong Kong. Previously, identifying a suitable venue would involve a tedious, hugely time-consuming trawl through search engine listings and across multiple websites. Whilst booking a hotel room, restaurant table or flight could be done easily online – booking a suitable venue for an event would be a complete pain.

They solve that problem by bringing venues together in one place and in a format that makes it fast and simple to find somewhere that fits your exact needs. It’s also VenueHub’s goal to unearth exciting and unusual new event spaces, giving venue bookers in Hong Kong a wider range of options to choose from.

The Problem

VenueHub had a need for cost effective contracts which were legally sound. As a startup, they did not want to rack up huge legal fees with their legal and contractual needs. They were concerned that having instructed a lawyer, and paid a retainer, the costs would spiral.

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They also needed specialist advice on how to construct their contacts in line with their business needs. As a startup they had little experience of the legal services market, the type of lawyers and law firms available, and the relative costs of each.

The Solution

Dragon Law provided a cost effective solution for VenueHub’s problems and allowed them access to a professional lawyer who specialised in what they needed, at an extremely good rate.

They also felt Dragon Law had superior customer service to some that is received by regular law firms – the team was always on hand to help with their issues. As well as being cost effective, they found the costs are extremely manageable and got them away from the ‘feared’ hourly rate of regular legal professionals.

“It’s great to work with a tech company that is always on hand to help with our issues”

– Adam Whiting, Co-Founder, Venue Hub

As well as using the document builder to create the documents they need, VenueHub have utilised their access to the Client Service Team, and to the DragonLink network.

When they needed a specialist lawyer they were able to connect with one through the DragonLink platform, for a great value fixed price. Having a contact in the legal industry has allowed VenueHub to make significant savings on their overall legal spend.

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