“We wanted to do the legal work ourselves, but we just didn’t have the time or resources to do it.”

“Often find online document templates unreliable, need up-to-date legal documents, need a safe place to store documents.”

The Hong Kong Visa Centre is a dedicated immigration practice dealing with all aspects of immigration in Hong Kong. Founder Stephen Barnes started his first immigration practice straight out of law school, and he continues to be one of the leading experts on Hong Kong visa and immigration processes, often providing training to the legal and accounting communities and commentating in various media.

Stephen and his staff continually strive to provide the latest advice and assistance in this area of law, using the latest technology and online support to help their clients negotiate the often difficult process of obtaining a visa in Hong Kong. Stephen continues to look for ways in which technology can improve the way law and business in general can be done.

The Problem

Hong Kong Visa Centre are experts in their niche area of law, and familiar with drafting various types of legal documents as part of the services they provide their clients. However, like all established businesses they regularly need a variety of legal and business documents.

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Hong Kong Visa Centre’s Co-Founder Stephen Barnes has always tried to keep as much legal work in-house as possible, but he was concerned that simply finding document templates on the internet would expose his business to unacceptable risk. Are they up-to-date? Are they even legally compliant?

Searching for the right document and completing it by filling in the gaps was also hugely time consuming – often taking 3 or 4 hours. The alternative was to secure the services of a local law firm, which charges at an hourly rate, and while Stephen was happy to speak to a lawyer for advice, he wanted to minimise the time and cost by letting his team deal with the routine drafting work.

The Solution

Hong Kong Visa Centre signed up for a Professional Plan with Dragon Law in early 2015 and quickly started to use it to draft documents. Stephen chose the Professional Plan because of the client support as well as the 10 free complimentary Dragon DoubleChecks – which means someone in the Client Services Team carefully checks a completed document for errors and omissions.

“Creating documents using the Dragon Law App is quick and painless, and frees up my time for more important activities. I can also relax knowing that our documents are legally compliant.”

– Stephen Barnes, Co-Founder, Hong Kong Visa

After implementing Dragon Law, Hong Kong Visa Centre’s staff members are now able to select from and create, in-house, over 50 types of legal agreement. Stephen quickly saw the benefits in terms of time and cost savings, and Hong Kong Visa Centre now turn to Dragon Law when they need a document.

Hong Kong Visa Centre’s time spent creating legal documents has drastically reduced.

As well as the savings offered by the Dragon Law document builder, Hong Kong Visa Centre has also used the DoubleCheck service to good effect and the DragonLink service, which links clients with legal needs to specialist lawyers. The position and expertise of Dragon Law mean that they can connect clients with the right law firm for great value fees – and Hong Kong Visa Centre has taken advantage of this service when they’ve needed legal advice.

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