Because You Asked: Your Questions At The #TIASG2016, Answered

April 19, 2016

Dragon Law had a booth this Tech in Asia Singapore – did you get a chance to mingle with Team Dragon?

This year’s conference attracted as many as 4,000 conference attendees and 200 participating startups from 22 different countries.


We had our Singapore Dragons Shermin and Lisa on the ground to showcase the Dragon Law app and how it makes legal easy, fast and affordable for small businesses. Attendees coming from all over Asia were keen to find out how legal technology can provide a smarter and cost-effective alternative to the traditional law firm, while still ensuring compliance.

Here are the most frequently asked questions about Dragon Law at the booth:


1. How exactly does your technology help users draft legally-binding documents 10 times faster and 5 to 10 times cheaper than a traditional lawyer?

Dragon Law’s unique SMART Document Builder guides you through the process of creating even the most complex legal documents from start to finish. Our simple question-and-answer interface gathers key insights about your business and helps you generate highly-customised documents that address your specific needs.

In a nutshell, an Annual Professional Plan gets you:

  • Unlimited access to over 400 documents for use in Hong Kong and Singapore,
  • Unlimited use of our SMART Document Builder (works in your web browser and optimised for mobile),
  • The ability to set sharing permissions to collaborate with team members and advisors; and
  • Access to our Client Service Team to answer any questions you have, right within the app or by phone – at no additional cost!

The result: No need for meetings with lawyers in fancy offices, going back and forth on endless email trails, bulky attachments, printing and scanning stacks of papers… All that time saved so you can concentrate on what’s important in your business!


Getting your questions answered via live chat within the Dragon Law app

2. How are you different from a regular template that I download online?

Because the Dragon Law SMART Document Builder is insight-driven, any legal agreement you generate via the app is highly-customised to suit the needs of your business.

Take for example a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA or Confidentiality Agreement). An NDA deals with the protection of confidential business information. Companies enter into NDAs because they want to protect themselves from information being shared without their consent. The need for an NDA can arise however in three ways:

  1. You are sharing confidential information with somebody,
  2. Somebody is sharing confidential information with you; or
  3. You are both sharing confidential information with one another.  

In each of these situations, it is essential that you use the correct form of NDA to protect your business. Our SMART Document Builder establishes these facts and builds you the legal document in the format that is most favourable towards your position.

TIA blog image

Creating a Website Privacy Policy with Dragon Law is as simple as answering a few questions

Create your Website Privacy Policy for free

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No minimum commitment, no credit card required.

3. So, is Dragon Law looking to replace lawyers?

Absolutely not. Our technology outlines and addresses the typical questions and standard clauses a small business owner must consider when entering into a legally-binding contract. We acknowledge that you may find yourself in a more complex legal situation where you will need legal advice and representation – this is when we will introduce you to our trusted network of lawyer partners, which includes leading global law firms.

Dragon Law has successfully unbundled the work that lawyers do. Our technology can be used to draft day-to-day and highly-complex agreements across the following stages of business:


See: Infographic: The six stages of starting a business

4. How is Dragon Law priced?

Dragon Law is software-as-a-service (SaaS). Subscribers to Dragon Law have access to more than 400 documents that are compliant with Singapore and Hong Kong law. Throughout your period of subscription you will be able to create, store and share all your legal documents in our cloud.

Our Upload and Sign feature makes the signing of documents completely fuss-free, especially for business owners who collaborate with global partners. Upload your own documents for storage, sharing or signing online. Think: No more back and forth with printing, scanning, and the post office! Our Professional Plan gives you unlimited access to our Client Services team.

View our price plans

5. Can I purchase a single document instead of a subscription?

A visit to the lawyers’ is held in the same regard as a visit to the doctors’ – and as a result it often doesn’t happen until you have a pressing problem to solve.

Today’s business owners know this traditional model no longer makes sense. Akin to investing in cloud accounting software (and an accountant to help you use it); CRM systems to manage your customer data; efficient, successful businesses use best-in-class legal documents that help them collaborate better with other companies, acquire serious customers, and raise finance.

Dragon Law is your legal department in the cloud. It is the single place to create, store, share and collaborate on legal documents. Our e-signing signature will let you fast-track negotiation processes by sharing the final contract with the other party immediately, so they can e-sign right away!

giphy (2)

E-signing with Dragon Law

6. Are documents generated via the Dragon Law app legally-binding?

Our SMART Document Builder generates agreements that are fully legally-compliant in their respective jurisdictions.

There are times when the SMART Document Builder will invite you to add free text to your agreements. Professional Plan subscribers can take the additional step of requesting for a DoubleCheck, where a member of our Client Service Team will review your completed document to check your grammar and spelling.

RILRAs an optional third step, you may choose to request specific legal advice from a law firm in our network through an Independent Lawyer Review.  Our platform makes accessing legal advice simple, cost effective, transparent, and time-efficient. The lawyers we work with operate for great value and at fixed fees, so there are no unpleasant surprises when the bill arrives.

7. What if I need to add an additional clause to a template that Dragon Law has?

You will have the ability to download your document in a fully-editable word document format. Unlike a template, if you decide to make substantial edits or changes to your document at this stage, cross-referencing and numbering will all automatically update so you can be sure of the integrity of your agreement.

8. What if I need a legal document that is not present within the Dragon Law app?

Just tell us! Our clients are our best advisors when it comes to where our product should develop. When we first launched Dragon Law in Hong Kong 2014, we had 70 documents in our library. Today, we have over 400 – all thanks to the request of our clients. We are committed to continuously develop our product to suit your needs, and will be pleased to hear from you!


Do you have any more questions about Dragon Law?

Legal Tech is a new playing field – TechCrunch in 2014 said “legal technology is booming, with companies attempting to disrupt the legal space at every level and from every angle”. Barely a year later, Forbes noted that there were “hundreds of legal startups popping up all over the U.S. and Europe”.

Being one of Asia’s Legal Tech pioneers has come with lots of excitement, curiosity, as well as cynicism. A recent article by the FT has lawyers sneering at the idea that their work could ever be done by a website or app.

But here’s the truth: Few people these days can afford a lawyer. Smaller companies are taking enormous risks by ‘googling’ for legal advice. Corporations, too, are starting to rebel, following cost-cutting exercises to the legal department. Vodafone’s Group General Counsel, Ms Rosemary Martin, was quoted as a believer that technology can help legal departments cut costs even further.

While the Dragon Law app now serves only the Singapore and Hong Kong jurisdictions, it was refreshing for Team Dragon to note the significant interest coming from the rest of Asia and beyond. Thank you #TIASG2016!


Try it for yourself, the smarter way to manage legal that is easy, fast and affordable.

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