June 20, 2017

Employment law is a broad area of law. It encompasses all areas of the employer/employee relationship, touching on issues that employers and human resource practitioners face on a day-to-day basis. Make sure you use the correct documents and follow the right procedures when dealing with employment issues.

Use an Offer of Employment Letter to set out the terms of your offer of employment. By signing an Employment Contract, the new hire accepts the offer and agrees to the terms of employment, such as probation period, pay, conditions, and termination.

Workplace policies help to set out the rights and obligations of employers as well as of employees. A written Data Protection Policy is required by the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance in Hong Kong and the Personal Data Protection Act in Singapore, for example.

Giving employees shares (equity) in your company is a popular way for startups and fast-growing companies to reward key employees for their performance. This can be done with a Share Vesting Agreement or an Option to Purchase Shares.

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