Dragon Law 2.0: Enhanced User Experience and Availability for Malaysia, All-in-One Domain

June 1, 2016

Hello Dragon Law lovers – we have good news for you!

We are very excited to announce that we have hit another big milestone in our mission to make legal more accessible to businesses.

Dragon Law 2.0 homepage
Dragon Law is now DRAGON LAW 2.0

We’ll admit it. Dragon Law 1.0 was not at all perfect.

Dragon Law 1.0
Dragon Law 1.0

When we first started Dragon Law, we set ourselves on a mission to create a brand new, revolutionary way for businesses to self-service legal.

While Dragon Law 1.0 helped our users achieve this, we learnt there was much more to empowering businesses: What more can we do to instil in business owners the confidence they need in order to make informed and smart legal decisions?

Here’s the thing: You don’t know what you don’t know.

Dragon Law aims to bring accessibility to legal to everyone. But sometimes, you don’t know what you don’t know. As a business owner, you know you need to have a website. You know you need to hire staff. You know you need to raise funds. But you don’t necessarily know what you need to get there. That’s why in Dragon Law 2.0 we have:

A complete facelift: Dragon Law 2.0

The new dragonlaw.io features a seamless integration between our website and document builder. Find what you need from one integrated menu, assess your needs, and start drafting right away.

Dragon Law 2.0

See it LIVE: Dragon Law 2.0
One platform to learn, one legal help desk, and one bill to pay.

In the past year of our product going live we have paid attention to our customers’ needs. You asked, we listened. We are very proud to announce we now have close to 400 documents for use across not two, but three different jurisdictions!

Beta launch for Malaysia

Another one of Version 2.0’s highlights is our beta launch for Malaysia, where, for a limited time only, users in Malaysia will get access to Dragon Law’s full suite of legal documents for free.

What this means for you

For a limited time only:

  • Existing Dragon Law clients in Singapore and Hong Kong will have the ability to also access Malaysia-localised documents at no additional cost.
  • New users can sign up to get access to the entire Malaysian suite of documents for free.
  • Free trial users in Singapore and Hong Kong can continue to use the Dragon Law app for creating a Website Privacy Policy and Confidentiality Agreement, and Upload & Sign over the cloud.

A year in review

Following strong growth in Hong Kong and Singapore, in 2016 alone, we:

  • Set up our swanky Singapore office in
    Team Dragon Singapore Ann Siang Hill,
  • Grew our Singapore team from 2 to now 5 Dragons on the ground running,
  • Launched our Legal Startup Academy, a legal crash course series that aims to empower startup founders and entrepreneurs with the essential legal knowledge for every stage of the business, and
  • Increasingly, receive more and more love from our clients!

What to do next

Get your free Website Privacy Policy and Confidentiality Agreement localised for the Singapore, Hong Kong, and Malaysia jurisdictions.

Upload and Sign your legal documents over the cloud when you sign up for a free account.

Check out our full document list and safeguard your business with the right legal documents.

Combining innovation with customised service to deliver productivity and reliability

It has only been a year since Dragon Law came out of beta in Hong Kong. We are now assured that our product does address a need in the market, and are better placed to keep making improvements based on feedback we hear from our clients.

Coming up this year, you can expect that Dragon Law will serve you in additional jurisdictions, pioneer more initiatives to value-add to the small business community, and generally have in store greater enhancements to our app to make your experience managing legal even more seamless.

WE ARE VERY GRATEFUL to the more than 3,000 businesses who rely on Dragon Law daily, to the partners who support us, and to our thousands of legaltech fans who support our mission to make legal more accessible.

Your trust has helped us through this journey.

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